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Has it become increasingly difficult for your business to get leads through your website? As a veteran web development team understand your problem and we are here to help. Your website is the first point of contact online between you and your clients. Therefore, you want a clean, visually pleasing, and does the job of informing your target market who you are and what you offer.

However, many businesses miss the mark. Their websites are way below the right standard and this means they are losing clients every other day. If this is you, it is time to begin working with a web design company that understands your needs and can help you design the best site for your target audience.

Why Web Design is Crucial for Your Small Business

Web design involves more than just making a website look good. It contributes to the overall user experience when a user is browsing your website or web pages. Therefore, how your website is designed has a direct effect on the overall brand impression and experience. Below, we share some of the reasons why your business should invest in web design.

Up to 75% of consumers judge your business and credibility based on your website’s design.

First impressions matter and this statistic shows just why. Users are likely to judge your business and its credibility based purely on how it looks. Therefore, you should focus on maintaining a website that will work in your favor.

If you do not have a website, now is the time to get one. If you do and it is not working right, it may be time to reach out to our web design company professionals to discuss an overhaul.

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A Website Will Help You Get and Convert Leads to New Customers

A website is central to your SEO strategy. With a well-designed website, you increase your chances of ranking better on Google. Coupled with the right content strategy, your website can rank on the first page. This means that you can drive more traffic to your website. These leads will then be converted into more customers.

Therefore, it is crucial that you invest in a website design company as we can help redefine the website experience for clients who want to work with you and make the much-needed positive change.

Essential Elements of a Good Website

If your website does its job as it’s supposed to, it will reflect in the results. How much engagement are you getting from your website and how many leads are being converted into customers? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to know if you are getting value for your money or a raw deal. Apart from these questions, we discuss some of the tell-tale characteristics of a good website. With these pointers, you can determine whether you need our website design services or not.

Web Layout and UI/UX

Any good website must have the right aesthetics. However, it must also serve a purpose. One of the crucial aspects to consider is whether your website offers a good user experience. No matter how good your fonts and colors are, you could be missing out on a lot of business if your website’s user experience is poor. All the good work you are create will go to waste. Therefore, you should always check what your website’s user experience is like and ensure you can navigate and get the information they are looking for. If these crucial components need time to get, they might as well close the tab and leave it for the next websites.

Responsive Mobile-First Web Design

Now more than ever, it is crucial to take a mobile-first approach to web design. Most people are turning to their phones in search of products. Therefore, your website should look as good on a mobile phone screen as it would on a desktop.

The display should adjust to the pixel width of the device the user is using to view the website. As a web design company that is acutely focused on performance, we always check that the website is optimized for mobile viewing before going live.

Quality Content

A website should have a healthy mix of copy, imagery, and videos. However, these elements should be balanced. For instance, images should not be too large as these will affect loading time negatively. This is bad for your website as up to 39% of website users will leave a website if it is taking too long to load. Furthermore, you can add video content as these are more interactive than images.

Most importantly, you need to pay attention to your website copy as this is the backbone of your website. Avoid poorly-written content that is littered with jargon as this will not help you attract or retain clients.

Instead, you can allow us to help you make the best website copy with good headlines, subheadlines, paragraphs and so much more that will help get the website design right.

Why Choose Us for Your Web Design Needs?

With thousands of companies that provide website design services, it may be difficult to know which one will be right for you. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Below, we give you the reasons why you should select neXt Brand Partners as the web design company to develop your new company website:

We are Professionals at Our Craft

neXt Brand Partners has been in the market for many years now. This means we have the right knowledge and experience to give you the right web design for your audience. We have seen trends come and go over time, which means we know what is right for your business.

We Offer Cost-Effective Web Design Company Services

We believe our clients should not make a trade-off between quality and affordable costs. For this reason, we price our services cost-effectively. Therefore, you do not have to worry about affording our services. Instead, you can be confident that you will get value for your money.

We Provide Technical Support

Getting us to design your website is only one integral part of the website ownership journey. You will need a helping hand for other activities such as registration of domains and hosting. While there are hundreds of hosting and domain companies, only a seasoned web design company like ours can help you figure out the right service provider for your needs while providing you with the right technical support.

Reach out to us today for all your website design needs.

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